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Friday, June 11, 2004

media enriched worship. revised and updated

i noticed a couple of people saying that they feel the need to worship, when getting media saturated. I have read recently about people having a measureable need to dance if the music is over 90db.
90db, yah we beat that!

but i am curious about media. does the Right visuals or vids that match the music enhance this effect?
i believe so.Also is there a limit? limits can usualy be broken. but does anyone need to do such? people can have a great worship expirience with just a guitar and some old favortive tunes.

if I am not into the music or worship I cant get into what I am doing behind the computer screen, ie. what music is playing or if i am worshiping, you can notice it on the screen.

but it does make me wonder if we become numb, like i have been meaning to ask some people about how was church, with out media( cause scott and I stole the projector for historymaker.)
I also I have more god moments away from the noise. (of life). than forced worship events( like church/music/whatevers, if you think about that what it is).
having a time alone and god is there and I am quiet and listening works for me, now i am not numb to that. so mabey there are different sorts of worship.

now I don't like very much the hypnotic/guided meditation thing.
leaves me feeling uneasy. but I know some people who like it alot.

it still poses a question of how to maximize the worship experiance, during forced worship times/events. more media, more screens, more bands, more talks, more guided mediations, louder music, better speeches/sermons, brighter lights, more candles, larger crowds, .... the list seems to go on.

I am started to think less is the answer.
I have started doing less at church, not so much video, more pictures, pictures I take. today I heard a few more good jobs, from people that don't usualy say anything.

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