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Sunday, March 30, 2008

real jedi master beaten up by darthvader

self proclaimed Jedi master beaten in his backyard by a man dressed like darth vader.


Monday, March 24, 2008

which way do I go?which way do I go?

all right I am am getting geared up for the big commute.

so I am asking various map services on recommended routes and travel times and distances.

my laptop GPS software MS "streets and trips 2005" (I may need to upgrade that)
83.4km in 1hr 28min
lougheed->maryhill->#1->grandview hwy->stevens->16th->wesbrook mall

google maps' route at 96.1 km – about 1 hour 43 mins
way different route.
#11->maclure->#1->grandview hwy->rupert->41st->marine dr->wesbrook mall

yahoo maps thought 105.6km in 1hr 46min
#11->sumas exit->#1->hastings->burrard->then zigzag about every intersection until 16th->wesbrook mall

mapquest.com suggested a route of 83.5km in 1hr 39min
lougheed->maryhill->#1->grandview hwy->granville->16th->wesbrook mall

microsoft maps.live.com liked a route of 89.9km in 1hr 38min
lougheed->maryhill->#1->hastings->granville->41st->marine dr->wesbrook mall

now my dads GPS thought go down to 8th ave then to hwy 99. to marine in 1hr 47min(I think)

Yes I am looking into moving closer, but that isn't going to happen within the next week so.

i will also look into WestCoastExpress but we will see if the schedule lines up with my hours at all.

any Ideas on other routes? or other suggest