..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Sunday, June 27, 2004

not secure

my ticket to get on my new flight here at seatac, was marked for a full scan,
meaning take my shoes off, hold my arms in the air stuff like that,

well I managed to get through sercuity with out it.

well I goto the gate and she gasps " your not cleared!!"

"how did you go through security!?"

and then they had to send a security personal to me for a personal scan.
how lucky!!

and an other flight I just about missed

what A day!!

I will admit I can be an idiot sometimes

I have to fly to Kansas City today, also drive to seatle.

well I forgot some very important papers proving I am allowed to work there,
they don't usualy ask for them.

but this time they did.

and my entry got DECLINED and I was sent back to canada. (could I say I was deported? I was actualy in the states, a few feet anyhow.)

so I phoned my boss and got a copy of the contract.

and missed my flight by a few minutes, so I am on standby for a flight 6 1/2 hrs later. but now I dont have to find a hotel at 2 in the morning

Saturday, June 26, 2004

what happened to customer service?

I have had a bad week dealing with different businesses this week

first off in Loiseianna with the mesaba Northwest airlines.

they sold my ticket 30minutes befor seceduald departure, even thou the sign says 10mins.

and I was standing in the girls lineup.
for 2mins and she had told me when I got up to her, she told me she just closed the ticket window, and sold my ticket, because I was late getting to her window 30 minutes before the scedualed departure time. also the plane was delayed 1hr. so realy it wasn't leaving for 11/2 hrs.

but goto go , Have some more crap like that happen this week.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

cause your spouse pain, prenatal classes 2

I have tried to write in the blog, for this past week but everytime I have
sat down to write, I got a big empty head with nothing to write.

so anyhow I now Have something to write about .

yesterday at prenatal classes. We actually had to practice breathing.
I wasn't looking forward to that.
but I didn't have to hee hee hoo hoo any. Just breath in, breath out.
and the instructor to the guys to cause pain in our spouse. to be a redirectional focus.

so I instantly went for a pressure point. not to be a jerk, I just wanted to make her jump.
and I let off quickly.

well I expected to get a dirty look.

I did.

but not because of the pain, because I stopped squeezing!
she wanted the pain for the entire 60 seconds.

it's a small story but at least I had something to write about.

Monday, June 14, 2004

dublin california

california here I am, sorry about the pun I had to get started somewhere.

I have to setup a machine nearby and go home,

don't think I don't enjoy visiting all these places, I try to maximize my time, see things I would have been able to other wise see,take pictures I wouldn't otherwise would have been to take. if you have been to New Heights in the past few months you have probably seens some of my pictures from my travels.
so I try to make the most of the time spent away.

but being away from my wife michelle. and soon a little baby girl. will only make this harder.

just little home sick, missing my wife, thought I would post it,

hope I get good pictures to bring home.

Friday, June 11, 2004

media enriched worship. revised and updated

i noticed a couple of people saying that they feel the need to worship, when getting media saturated. I have read recently about people having a measureable need to dance if the music is over 90db.
90db, yah we beat that!

but i am curious about media. does the Right visuals or vids that match the music enhance this effect?
i believe so.Also is there a limit? limits can usualy be broken. but does anyone need to do such? people can have a great worship expirience with just a guitar and some old favortive tunes.

if I am not into the music or worship I cant get into what I am doing behind the computer screen, ie. what music is playing or if i am worshiping, you can notice it on the screen.

but it does make me wonder if we become numb, like i have been meaning to ask some people about how was church, with out media( cause scott and I stole the projector for historymaker.)
I also I have more god moments away from the noise. (of life). than forced worship events( like church/music/whatevers, if you think about that what it is).
having a time alone and god is there and I am quiet and listening works for me, now i am not numb to that. so mabey there are different sorts of worship.

now I don't like very much the hypnotic/guided meditation thing.
leaves me feeling uneasy. but I know some people who like it alot.

it still poses a question of how to maximize the worship experiance, during forced worship times/events. more media, more screens, more bands, more talks, more guided mediations, louder music, better speeches/sermons, brighter lights, more candles, larger crowds, .... the list seems to go on.

I am started to think less is the answer.
I have started doing less at church, not so much video, more pictures, pictures I take. today I heard a few more good jobs, from people that don't usualy say anything.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Chicken Fried Steak

yet another trip
Oklahoma city was my last destination.
very muggy.

on trips i try to eat something I wouldn't be able to eat here,
unlikely as that sounds, but there are somethings

like in mississippi Catfish, Texas ribs. well all I got out from the locals is Chicken Fried Steak. the images this must be bringing to your mind (similuar to what I had, I image)don't come close.

When I they said "Steak" more like a spicy ground beef patty
with KFC breading,covered in somesort of White black pepper sauce.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

a new name

I think we need to rename hypochondria

people with apearently want something wrong with them
but don't want this. even thou it is quite a legititmat sickness
and is something wrong with them, it's not what they want.

so I prepose we change the name.
for example we could call it the tommies (just for word play of course).

so if someone starts complaining, you could say
"sounds like you have got a bad case of the tommies"
and they would think you were generaly concerned with their health/general well being and they would be happy. a conversation gone well.

now of course this would leed to situations where you would here them say
" I have got a bad case of the tommies, and my knee hurts"
and you can smile, and understand just where this conversation is going.

Friday, June 04, 2004

is there a hero?

Thinking about the up coming federa election

I am not sure about whom i am going to vote for yet,

liberals haven't don't much as to major contraversys
except the last one, plus they don't do very much.
a stagnet government I think is problably no a great choice either

Conservatives want to cut revenue(taxes) but spend more..
I am for harser punishments son some tapics and different punishments on others.

NDP hasp usualy been out to lunch, on the fringe side of things anyways. they too like to talk of spending lots but not saying where the moneycomes from.

I supose I could not vote,

makes me wish i could vote for none of the above.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

deja vu

I don't know if anyone else gets this as often as I do,

but I find my self at many points in life realizing that
I have been shown this before.

almost every place I have started working at, I have seen it in a previous dream/vision before.
I am not talking about a dream from last week, but Rather 5 to 10 years ago.

not saying I think I am psycic, I not(if I did I would play 649 more often.

I beleive it's god telling me I am where I should be.

which makes me curious as to how does he tell me(or us) that we are not where we should be.

mabey it's the vast uneasyness(for lack of a better word) when there or thinking about being there.

anyhow I better goto work

just some thoughts to pounder.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Prenatal classes

we started prenatal classes last night

you think there would be some newer more updated videos
Hope they get useful.

the "n" key isn't working today at work nor is the b or down left or right arrow keys.
so I am using the on screen keyboard, for the b key and the clip board for the n key.

hope that isn't a sign of how today is going to go.