..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Saturday, September 16, 2006

driver trouble.

I have the Microsoft streets and trips with the GPS.

it works very well. so well infact I use it to go geocaching.

but we went looking for a cache today. and well the GPS driver quit on me. weird.
I stole some wireless from a nieghbourig household. but. still no install.


the microsoft website. no help.
went home. tried the actual disk. no help. hmmm hope it isn't fried.

jump to the manufactures website (PharosGPS)
the driver installed. opened streets and trips, and did a com port scan to find the GPS.
and it didn't say microsoft GPS. just gps device. sofar so good.

run outside it finds satilites .. YAH it works fine!!

probable cause. most USB devices have a small EEPROM that says who made the device.
even though the USB to serial chip is made by someone else. so if the memory got erased the microsoft driver will not install cause it can not confirm it is the correct device. and the driver I downloaded is the actual driver for the chip. USB-TO-SERIAL.

yah GPS not fried!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

gas update. and no response.

well I have been waiting for a response from my MP.

well the mileage for the second tank of chevron. was 15.8 km/ltr
and I filled up at petrocan to get more accurate data for their gas station.
and I got 15.0 km/Ltr

note that the petrocan tank wasn't very pure.
I still had about 5lts of chevron in the tank. meaning that 14% of that tank was still chevron gas.
the second tank should better reflect petrocan mileage results. doing the math, with regards to that ratio I should expect approx 14.8km/lt on the second tank. we will see .

but I can already tell I am not going back to petrocan. even at a 1km/ltr difference
that comes to a saving of 2.50/wk. (gas at 99.9/ltr) $130/yr.