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Thursday, September 07, 2006

gas update. and no response.

well I have been waiting for a response from my MP.

well the mileage for the second tank of chevron. was 15.8 km/ltr
and I filled up at petrocan to get more accurate data for their gas station.
and I got 15.0 km/Ltr

note that the petrocan tank wasn't very pure.
I still had about 5lts of chevron in the tank. meaning that 14% of that tank was still chevron gas.
the second tank should better reflect petrocan mileage results. doing the math, with regards to that ratio I should expect approx 14.8km/lt on the second tank. we will see .

but I can already tell I am not going back to petrocan. even at a 1km/ltr difference
that comes to a saving of 2.50/wk. (gas at 99.9/ltr) $130/yr.

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