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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Big Concern: my letter to my MP

I have talked with a few people, and we are quite concerned over recent Taxation Changes implemented by your Government.
the changes I am talking about are.
to the Personal Tax Exemption( I believe it's called.), changing from $9000 to $8600 (approx) thus meaning more tax is taken off each paycheck.

coinciding with the GST dropping.

Now the GST dropping I agree with, but it only really benefits people that Spend more.
it doesn't really benefit people in the lower income bracket. especially now, since that the lower income bracket is now getting less Net income to spend.

to sum up what I am asking Why is your Government Taxing the Poor?!?

I am currently awaiting an reply. I will post what ever is replied to me.

note, to people that do not pay much attention to politics this is a federal issue not a provincial one. I notice people get them mixed up quite regularly.

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linda said...

yeah, and how about that $100/month for kids under 6. How many people realize it's taxable, which may or may not put you in a different tax bracket depending on how many kids you have? And what's with the bit about if you don't already get the child credit, you have to apply for the $100...like they don't know you have kids under 6? They're just hoping you won't know and therefore not apply. This gov't is very sneaky in some of what they're passing..not giving the whole picture...