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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

better gas?

since I have to fill my tank about every 4 trips to work.
I work in surrey so I commute about 120k/day.
I have started keeping track of the millage.
now I am comparing gas stations with the milage I am getting.
so far I am getting interesting results.

from petrocan can I drive about 495Km for about 36 litres, 7.2 lit/100km (13.9km/lt)

now, cause of the blackout I had to get Gas at Shell,
the first tank lasted, 485Km for 32litres, 6.6 lit/100km (15.2KM/lt)

thats roughly an 9% savings going to shell!! over petrocan.

now that shell gas was not pure shell gas, I still had some petrolcan in the tank from the last fill, so I am interested in tomorrows millage.

now there is also an adverse effect to using the shell gas. I notice the car has less power when using shell gas. I expected this though, cause of the performance vs endurance. do not go hand in hand. you have to give up some power to get a better millage.

for the next tank I am going to try out Chevron. and see.


Michelle said...

It's about time you posted!!

I think this is a very worthwhile experiment!! I wonder if it varies for different vehilcle??

rodbot said...

well todays fill up
was 510Km @ 36 L ~= 7.0 lt/100km
(14.2KM/L) not as drastic, but still an increase in effecincy.
and I could here the cheveron pump seemed to fill higher, I could see gas, I don't normaly get to see the gas when I fill up.

rodbot said...

oops,I used only 33 lt, I spent $36

therefore,6.5lt/100k (15.5 k/L)

kaybrayshay said...

Chevron will give you better bang for you buck...it is the only gas we get!

rodbot said...

I think you may just be a little biased...just mabey....

well I am getting more bang over shell, but we will see how far that gas will take me.

kaybrayshay said...

LOL...i work there..i have heard some horror stories of people using husky...so after that i tend to side with chevron...