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Sunday, February 10, 2008

the photoblog

Michelle and I have been posting photos to our flickr accounts.

some highlights we have been blogging..here

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poll any ideas?

ok I took a macro shot of my eye
cool eh, well if you look closely into the pupil you will notice something hanging

day 20 - macro my eye

playing with the brightness in photoshop notice in my pupils these little hairs suspended from the iris..

or so it looks...

any ideas......

Eye floaters? weird alien growth perhaps...??

day 20b - what is that!!!

how many calls does it take to get what I order? At Panago pizza


I wish to inform you about the experience I have had ordering pizza yesterday.

(call 1)about 5:00pm
I phoned and ordered 2 large pizzas and 1 small and a 2L sprite.

she ( the lady at the call center) said it came to 29.50,
I honestly said that sounds too cheap I think you have missed a pizza.

she said no I have 3 pizzas and a sprite.

okay cheap pizza I thought.

well I got a phone call (over an hour later, she said 55min for delivery)
he said that they didn't have sprite. (coke, iced tea, or diet coke)
ok I will get a coke.

well amost 2 hrs after the original call the pizza guy shows. with only only 2 pizzas (one incorrect pizza) both cold!
and to top it off diet coke!!!

wow it took 2 hrs for 1 out of 4 things right!!!
the driver said to call and complain (but Pay now) and they will make some new ones with a coke.

well he didn't give me the number for the store, so I had to call back the call center.

(call 2) (710pm)
I asked for a manager for the call center.
the Man I spoke to said he would give me a five dollar credit and get the pizzas and coke to me.
(but only eating the half of the incorrect pizza)

it shouldn't be long, it would be priority.

(call 3)( 810)
well I call back an hour after that call, and she puts me on hold to call the store.
over 10min later she gets back on the line, and says he talked with the store
and he said that it was just coming out of the oven now. it should just be a couple of minutes to drive up there.

another hour passes......

different pizza guy shows up.

with the pizzas and no coke. (after 9pm)
at least the pizza is hot now (amazing it can stay hot for an hour....)

(call 4) (915)
call back again. talk with a guy ( whom wasn't pleasant to talk with. bordering on rude. note that, everyone else was cheerful to talk with)
he said he would send up the coke and would throw in 4 dips for the long wait.

well the coke was actually arrived quickly, only to arrive without the dips!!! (9:30)

Finally to answer the question in the subject line,"how many calls does it take to get what I order?"
4 calls and about 4.5 hours of waiting.