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Thursday, October 09, 2008

100 species cont.. part #2b

a continuation of trying to list a 100 species within a mile of my home.(nice I live less then a mile from the beach.)

#94 - cyanea capillata - lion’s mane Jellyfish, somewhat poisonous, I know I had barefeet it hurt somewhat like stinging nettles. some people it can effect much worse. they can get upto 2m in diameter(not likely in the pacific).

#3 - American Bald Eagle.

see post #1 here

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

just testing something out.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

100 species challenge

there has been a challenge posted via geekdad blog that they got from this blog.

the challenge is to Identify a 100 plants species within a mile of your home.
geekdad has expanded "...The 100-Species Challenge to include every living thing we could find and photograph – plants, animals, and indeterminate micro-organisms included."

so I will attempt a count down to see if we can identify 100 species.

I found a animal checklist site for BC.
efauna BC

super mario mushroom
#100. Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata or Fly Agaric

choke cherries anyone
#99 Pileated Woodpecker eating from a
#98 chokecherry tree.

pepe lepue
#97 skunk(there is aparently a few different species of skunk but I haven't seen much info on them yet)
EDIT: Mephitis mephitis, also known as the "stripped skunk". there are 2 species in BC the stripped skunks and spotted skunks.

#96 great blue heron

will work for peanuts
#95 grey squirrel

racoon and baby
#96 Raccoon mother and baby
#95 in the Juniper bushes

if your reading from Facebook you may need to togo to the actual post on my blog to see the photos