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Friday, June 04, 2004

is there a hero?

Thinking about the up coming federa election

I am not sure about whom i am going to vote for yet,

liberals haven't don't much as to major contraversys
except the last one, plus they don't do very much.
a stagnet government I think is problably no a great choice either

Conservatives want to cut revenue(taxes) but spend more..
I am for harser punishments son some tapics and different punishments on others.

NDP hasp usualy been out to lunch, on the fringe side of things anyways. they too like to talk of spending lots but not saying where the moneycomes from.

I supose I could not vote,

makes me wish i could vote for none of the above.

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Scott said...

someday the rhino party will return! if i ever run for politics i already have my slogan, "vote for me, i have no pension plan and i need the money!"