..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rods "axis of things he suspects that is Evil"

I am going to start of list of all things ( that are not commonly known about)
EVIL. or at least suspiciously evil. or unintentionally evil.

so far at Number 1. on the list.
SARAN WRAP!, this product was obviously designed with evil intentions.
what else can get you more fustrated than something soo little and simple
that sticks to itself better than packing tape.(oh I think I have found another for the list).

now in no particular order.. cause I haven't thought that far yet.

Packing tape/ tape guns. self explanatory.

Automated Answering systems: self explanatory.
especially the Voice Reconition ones like at telus. Why would you want to
Anger your customers before you get to talk with them. pure EVIL I tell you.

2 part foam. as per my recent XP with it. (and now considering it is on my chest,
no I am not going to it shave off this time)

tin foil. friend submitted.

sudden shift changes. friend submitted.

single ply toilet paper. enough said.

Low flow shower heads.

bathtub taps with no Flow control.
because someone thought they were a genius to
get rid of one tap " that way it will make it easier and simpler to use".

Political correctness. to a point.. I think this just developed into something evil.
But as some people say" the road to hell was paved with good intentions."
a little stark but you get the idea.

Minivan drivers. you can own and drive one. but to be an actual "Minivan Driver"
you must be:
  • unsure of the size of your vehicle,
  • unwilling to take Right turns on red.
  • and feel the need to drive well under the speed limit in all situations.
  • and prevent all others on the road, from driving the speed limit or making right turns on red.
  • generally be afraid of everything that is or could be on a road close to you.
you can find these "minvan drivers" mostly during Rush hour.
and yes minivan drivers like to tagteam with other minivan drivers on the road. to seeing if they can be the better minvan driver out of the group.

Alarm clocks... at least the loud annoying ones.

The Idea lots of people have that "When your cell phone has poor reception, all you need to do talk louder". the person that first thought that needs to get beaten daily
he will be the first one up against the wall when the revolution comes.
hmm I think I may have another list coming.

SPAM: or stupid forwards. you know the ones. You will have good luck from God if you forward this message to all your friends. or 5 friends for a small miracle or 10 for a larger one.
bill gates has an email tracking program. All you have to do is forward this email. and a little girl gets 10bucks towards her cancer treatment. the list goes on...
. or please fill out this form and send it back if you were a real friend you would.... headgame blackmail.... ALL EVIL!!!!
I refuse to reforward.

well I am tired and am going to try to get the Foam off of my body parts....
this time without a razor.

can anyone else think of simple things that you think may be evil? just comment.


rose said...

nothing to add, just glad that i'm not an "evil minivan driver" (just ask anyone who has ridden with me). 8)

Lori said...

men's toenails in public areas

Scott said...

don't forget evil kenevil...

ya whatever lori, woman have an entire purse full of disgusting things...


Scott said...

don't forget evil kenevil...

ya whatever lori, woman have an entire purse full of disgusting things...


Michelle said...

Purses are not public places.....

Connie said...

I'm totally with you on the forwards thing. Don't send it to me if you don't want the chain broken!

rodbot said...

I came off kinda harse on that one..

but I believe way too many people think people online are Honest, and good.

when infact tons of people online are quick to lie, cheat and steal, when online.

a few friends including myself used to play a kids game online(NEOPETS.com) and people had phish sites(sites that look like legit, but are only trying to steal your password) for a kids game!!!
whats the point! other then make some little kid cry cause thier pet was stolen and sold.