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Saturday, March 05, 2005


I enjoy coding/programming. Yes I am a geek.
I know tons of different languages of code. but only one spoken language.
I would love to speak something else. Italian spanish greek chinese latin, something.

I have tried to learn some sign language for Payton. just keywords up, milk, bath , all done, more.
I tried to learn Italian, for when we went there on our honeymoon. all I could really understand is numbers and a few words, almost enough to haggle. and then most people spoke english there
and were excited to get the chance to practice english.(we got a free cappucino in Naples because of this).

at work there is only 4 people that don't speak more than one language. (3 from Mission ironically).

even my little sister is in french immersion. and she has started speaking french to Payton.
she says "someone has to teach her".

but then again I don't think I have the time to learn another language. I have other things to occupy my time with. I am not sure when I can even get to those.

So I guess on my "I Never" list would be
"I never learned a second language"

and I am ok with that.


James Goudie said...

I am just curious. what programming languages do you know?

Here are some i have used before:

C++, Java, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, SQL, Perl (only some), PHP, HTML (but i don't think it counts), JavaScript (but again doesn't really count), and some other scripting languages which aren't powerful enough to much of anything except inside telnet programs to automate tasks.

It has been some time since I have used some of the languages, but i am sure i could pick it up fast again.

cc said...

My wife and I recently went to Italy. It was surprising what I learned in preparation to go and while there. The mind can do amazing things.

rodbot said...

oh the languages...
I am currently learning ASP. which is kinda vague, you can program it in just about any language and the server will accept it.
at work C#, VC++,
school VB, assembly for HC11 HC12 PIC and risc based precessors(psuedo and binary code).
CNC. C for Atmel AVR, PIC,(PC too.)

a few rare ones.
rapple 1 and 3. and some that I can't remember the names of.

the others...
PLC ladderlogic. which is pretty cool
considering it is a visual language imitateing Relays and switches. actually you can use relays and switches to test your program out too.