..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

my knee

it hasn't been a good week. yesterday I had a bad xp shaving part of my arm.

today I fell. landed on my knee sideways. ouch.
it hurt mostly when I try to use it, using my leg muscles.
if I move it with my hands it doesn't hurt too much.

what is it with us guys that will not go to the doctor unless they are close to dieing.
I mean like I got the shingles once. and I only went to the doctor after a few weeks,
and I couldn't walk anymore. the Doctor Laughed
and said he had never seen anyone wait that that long for meds.
nor shingles that big.(from me waiting so long).
I just thought they were strange pimples on my legs.

Just like now, I think my knee will get better tomorrow.
if I still can't bend it tomorrow, maybe I will go to the doctor.

or maybe it will be better thursday.


Michelle said...

He can hardly use it and, yes folks he is going to work tomorrow because...No that won't make it worse.......

James Goudie said...

i never feel sick. and never hurt. because it will always go away the next day. if not then it will go away eventually. I don't need a doctor, i will be fine too.

Miss-buggy said...

so you are trying to be your own doctor and your own patient??

kaybrayshay said...

silly Rod...go and see a doctor

rodbot said...

well it is better... ish.....

Walking and standing is easy.

just bending down to pick stuff up hurts and Kneeling.

oh and stairs, I can't race up and down.
nor can I walk over stuff very well either.
oh and getting in the car hurts a little too.

see... alot better than just not being able to not bend it.

Miss-buggy said...

Michelle - drag him to the doctors. Did you write it down yet for work?