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Sunday, October 16, 2005

wireless, the next boom?

well the next big thing is always in question. but it is looking to be wireless computer networking.
a lot of people are using wireless in their homes to hookup their computers to the internet without running wires. Well this is easy as hell to breakin. most people do not secure their wireless
all you have to do is stop outfront logon, and check your email or whatever.
it's easy I do it.
and if you have a program like netstumbler. it will count them all and log them and their details
and if you have a GPS well, it will map them too. what fun!!!
in mission we have found sofar over 400.

my friend Rob and I have joined a group in BC setting up a Huge interlocked network(meshed network) that will encompass a large amount of BC. thats the Idea anyways. www.bcwireless.net.
not providing internet to anyone, but providing a community with the infrastructure that you could access your home network(computer(s),) and home internet, from anywhere. This community network could have community web pages setup, bulletin board saying what's going on around town, when groups are meeting, city counsel meetings, whatever. The possibilities are quite huge.

but the infrastructure is not there yet. lots. and I do mean lots of people already have all the equipment needed to create this network. but it is just getting started. all you need is an old computer and a wireless card(wireless access point(router)).

some citys in the states already are establishing these type networks. portland, Philadelphia, new orleans, and others. some are commercial pay per use.

here is a news article about some of the citys doing such.

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