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Friday, October 21, 2005

a google search for "Rod needs" provides

(ahh to have a innuendious name, or one that resembles poles of metal)

Rod needs...

to pick it up

to be careful about overdoing

needs to ask for extra stir fry ...

show more fire


to be stiff enough to support the bone, ... this was from a medical surgery site

to be replaced depends on the quality of the bone seen on x-ray,

a polish job

to be greased so that your steering remains smooth.

to cast a wide range of flies

to be placed on a deflection grid with various loads to insure
that the rod flexes as designed; those that donĂ‚’t pass are destroyed.

a soft tip to both get the best casting action from
a limited style of casting ie, a short overhead stroke from a pitching deck

to be held near the end of the shaft and.Insertedd forcefully
into the brain by rotating it over the.Forefingerr

to be turned clockwise

to be bent more. ..

to be very multi-purpose capable. ...

to move freely within this spring

a tweak


Annette said...

Sure, it was from a medical journal. You know, they sell medication for that problem!

Miss-buggy said...
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