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Friday, April 29, 2005

pimp my ride: powerwheels edition

well I got it all apart.
the motors are working fine.
got the wiring figuared out.
it's super simple, but I can see why they had battery trouble.

this version has an option of 2 speeds with forward and reverse.

well reverse is only low speed. but they are only using one battery for backing up.
having a battery that is used more than the other isn't a great idea..
expecialy when it comes down to one of the batterys drawing a load out of the lesser charged battery. it's kinda like charging your batterys backwards. not a great plan.

well I got an estimated ETA for michelles birthday allgirls party, and Ihave about a 1.5 hours to clean up the parts and put it all back together.

but I think I am going to have to redo all of the wiring so I can properly control control it. since I am.
I may as well add some extra features.
like analog speed control.
speed limiting( for when payton is first starting out, and bigger kids can run faster),
proper lighting, backup lights, turn signals headlights, and such.
Gauges that work, and are not sickers;

mabey over do it like underlighting, and a radio.

fake mags.. yeah..
new paint....
fake chrome...
rubber tires..


kaybrayshay said...

Oh Boy!! Are you sure this was a purchase for Payton or Daddy??? I know that when Brayden can talk, he'll be asking to go to your guys house...so he can ride the cool jeep!!

rodbot said...

I know that she realy will not be able to drive it for quite some time,
but that gives me time to "upgrade" it.

I plan on Radio control it as well. so when they drive too far, You can just turn it around and drive them back.

Michelle said...

What about our vehicles?? Where's the excitment then???

rodbot said...

upgrades to powerwheels < $20
upgrades to our cars much > $20

kaybrayshay said...

lol..I know you'll all enjoy the "pimp my ride" version of the jeep...

Miss-buggy said...

can I play? Can I? Can I?