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Friday, April 29, 2005

let the mods begin

since michelle is at a surprize all girls birthday party for her.
and I am at home with Payton , whom is sleeping.
what should I do, I could clean.... laundry.....
nahhh.... lets mod the jeep!!!

I so far I have bought a lawnmower battery for it. $20 new C-tire.
normally i would run it gelcell I even have some. but they wouldn't last long.
so I bought a regular Leadacid battery. for gelcells would have cost me $60, but they would have been smaller. so I bought the cheaper batterys that would Ride for longer.
but it's about an inch too tall.
so now I can forsee my first MOD cut the plastic and mabey design a holder for the battery.

right now I am not sure the wiring order for the battery since it should be two 6v gelcells. and I have one 12v. so I need to tear apart the jeep. that way I can get a good look inside to see the wiring. and test the motors.

good thing we have lots of foam and plastic at work. I can tell that I am going to need to do a bit of custom work allready.

I will publish pictures as I go, if you haven't seen my previous post about it scroll down to a couple of days ago.


Jenn said...

I can already picture Payton driving Grace around!!

Miss-buggy said...

awww! how cute!