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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I bought a jeep.

at the DukeHarris Garage Sale today, I bought a "powerwheels Jeep".
it needs some fixing up. some sort of headlights and a grill. and a 12v battery.

sure Payton is a little young to drive it yet.
but this will give me time to modify it. I am thinking RC control the jeep.
it will take nothing to adapt it. except the steering, but I will think of a way to overpower a little one so the servos will not break if I take control.

and I have to think of what to do about headlights, I think some LED front and rear lights, (full functional ones too), and mabey a horn.

I guess I will be checking out ebay for a cheap RC transmitter and reciver with a decent range to it.

I can't wait to test out the motors to see how much torque they can handle, if it is too low, I may have to upgrade the motors. and give it some better tread. hehe.


James Goudie said...

haha, wooo a custom mod. that sure is something to record for later!

Miss-buggy said...

very cool.