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Monday, February 21, 2005

a measure of intelligence?

If you were to measure intelligence of say an AI system. The ultimate goal would be that you could teach it to be self aware.

Descartes said,
" I think, therefore I am"

This may hold ground as a guide to intelligence.

Then if you look to the first chapter of John.

"In the Beginning was the Word. And the Word was With God and The Word was GOD."

God was aware of himself from the start. Heck there wasn't anything else there.
I mean he didn't have anything to compare to. There was no light to see, there was no air to carry sound to hear. Nothing to touch or smell, nothing but your own thoughts.
And yet he said in the Beginning
"I am"
"I exist."
" I am."

kinda powerful.
we haven't(as humans) been able to create anything that has a conscienceness. Or even conceive how something like that would work. Let alone even realize that it is a separate entity from anything else.

and God Thought "I AM"

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