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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

blowing stuff up

well this is test number 2, on an expairimental project at work.

basicly i have a vast amount of stored electricity that I need to push through 2 peices of metal.
in a very short amount of time.
and hope they stick.

the last test...
I blew up a $800 piece.
I blew up a computer power supply
there was alot of smoke, and sparks.
and didn't make a dent to the metal.

coming later today, test number 2.


Michelle said...

Just don't blow yourself up, we like having you around!!

Robert said...

a job where you can blow stuff up...how cool is that?
Did it blow up real good?

rodbot said...

well I was hoping for the metal to explode, but sadly it did not.

the powersupply I blew up was shooting green and blue sparks everwhere and that was cool.