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Monday, May 21, 2007

another problem solved.

previously I have mentioning about making the world easier one small problem at a time.

Well I have thought up a solution to a different problem.

Hard Cookies.

plain and simply they suck. cookies need to be soft.
you are offered a fresh chocolate chip cookie. you would be saddened if
you where given a rock you could pave the driveway with.

cookies need to be soft. they are not crackers they are cookies.

well my solution is.....

microwave them!!!
ever tried to defrost bread or eggos in the microwave,
you get a soggy mess. but with cookies you want soft!!.

if they are completely devoid of moisture,
mabey a moist towel underneath, would help.

and don't kid yourself "I dip my cookies in milk".
still doesn't compare to a soft cookie dipped in milk

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