..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

we've been caught!!!

at work there has been a bit of compition regarding what radio station gets played.
there is only one person in the office that likes country music. and gets very active about changing
it to "his" radio station

well we have found a great solution to this.

I bought a radio transmitter that is tunable. and tuned out the local country Radio station.

for about 6 months now it has been regarded that the radio is broken or doesn't like country music.
I said it must have developed a sense of taste.

well last week he bought a new radio!! even though we told him not to.

today he found transmitter. he took like a good sport.
knowing we had the upper hand in the battle.


Michelle said...

That's so funny!! I can't beleive it took 6 months to figure out though!

Miss-buggy said...

That is like the time when Ciara and I were in the back of Jori's boss' exploreer and it had radio controls back there so Ciara and I messed with Phil and Jori. It was so funny. Kept changing the station on them and here they are trying to figure out the mechanics of it and why it would jump around. Oh it must be this, or this, or this. Then Phil clued in and said that the girls were acting too suspicious and remembered the controls in the back. Then we got locked out. They took away our fun. It was great while it lasted. hehehe but at least it didn't take them six months! HAHA