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Friday, February 17, 2006

testing new OS

I am installed Debian Linux, on my old celeron 366.
I put 256 ram in it with 2.5g HD,
for a 366mHz system it runns pretty quick, I think I may duel boot my .
P4 1.6gHz.

Debian comes pre-installed with Gimp, OpenOffice.ORG(which I have been using at work, I recamend it), and a ton of other programs. All LEGALLY FREE!

and the big bonus for you paranoid people. Virus' usually do not attack linux based systems. People think attacking microsoft is much more worth while.


James Goudie said...

i still haven't played much with linux. just a bit in some courses i took. and then even there i just learnt basics. like line commands. it reminded me of dos. it was actually pretty simlar too. well some commands.

rodbot said...

well debian is Linux with a GUI,
kinda a cross between XP and OSX for layout.

yah the command prompt took a little bit to get used to.