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Friday, November 11, 2005

songs payton likes

Payton is starting to sing along and dance to a few songs.

bedouin soundclash - when the night feels my song
Our Lady Peace - Angels losing sleep.
white stripes - my doorbell

if it has a good bass beat or good rhythm Payton starts to dance.
during the Bedouin soundclash she likes the sing the long notes..
they will stretch out the words Song, Soul and Home.
and payton will sing along quite accurately for length and timing.
but she sings oooOOOOOHHHHhhhhh.

I think I will test her tomorrow one what different songs she likes.

we went to my sister's today and she was singing and dancing there.
it's usually a home thing, but she couldn't resist the Bedouin soundclash.
she went right up to the speakers and sang along.

my sister doesn't get to see her much and payton hammed her up.
even blowing Kisses goodbye

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kaybrayshay said...

Sounds like you are making out good!! Hope Michelle had a good flight. Have a good weekend Roddy