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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

anyone want a cat?

I think I am getting more allergic to cats.

I know I have always been. but it's one of the allergies you get used to.
you can actually adapt to individual cats. and I have to many cats.

well it's been getting harder to breath over the past few months.
especially since the windows have been closed.
I am fine after about an hour to an 1/2 hr away from home, too.

I took an anti-histamine after I got home cause it was getting particularly bad.
I got better. now I am getting itchy eyes,sneezy, and now runny nose, and getting hard to breath.

I am going to get an allergy test. or at least speak to a doctor soon.
I guess I should make an appointment.....

I won't give up the cat just yet, I will await results first.
I have 2 girls here whom just love cats.

I am having trouble breathing, I think I will have the window open tonight.

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kaybrayshay said...

Oh man. I sure hope you feel better soon Rod! That really sucks.