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Thursday, June 23, 2005

hey if your up at 755 tomorrow night

there will be a satillite that will have a bright flare off of its antenaa. that will be visible duing daylight. the flare is called and "iridium flare". the can be upto 40 times brighter than Venus can be. and you can see venus during the day!!
just look up before 755pm tomorrow night about straight up!! and slightly SW .
the brightest place to see it is aparently about 100m east of my house!!

there will be one @ just before 5:56pm tomorrow aswell a bit north of east and 45degees up.
it will not be as bright but it will still be visible.
I stumbled accross a site that can give you cool data like this heavens-above.com
to use this site you will have to find out your longitude and latitude.
if you have a GPS you can easily find out. I have mapping software so I just looked it up.
Mission 7th and grand is Lat 49.14001N Long 122.30929W

Flare position Flare centre SunSatellite
Alt. Azimuth DistanceMag Alt. Azimuth From flare
24 Jun 07:56:05 -6.2 45° 66° (ENE) 4.9 km (W) -6.5 25° 82° (E ) 24° Iridium 84
24 Jun 19:55:12 -8.3 88° 234° (SW ) 0.1 km (E) -8.3 11° 293° (WNW) 78° Iridium 16

it should look something like this

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