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Sunday, June 19, 2005

daddy day

I thought I would post my first daddy day.

530am - Payton woke up. this time mom went and got her. I made the bottle and went back to bed.payton normally goes back to sleep but not today(poor mom).

920am - Payton and Mommy woke me up. Latte and Breakfast.

10ish - late for church.. Payton playing shy today. I get to head on my chest thou.

noon - lunch at wendys. Payton slept for about 1.5 hrs.

2pm - went to the park so payton could play on the swings. she loved it. ( took some pictures
most of them are michelle took so I will let her post them so she gets the credit).

3pm - girls had a nap. I did sweet nothing.

4.30pm - payton woke up. then we woke michelle up. this required effort, she put up a good fight.

5pm - payton and I sat outside for a while.

530pm - went to safeway. Payton kept pointing and squealing in delight about different things.

7pm - payton had watermelon for the first time. she didn't' trust us that it was good. she kept shaking her head nooooo....... but after seeing mommy and I, she caved and tried some.

8pm - payton went to bed


Miss-buggy said...

Happy Father's day Daddy!!

Miss-buggy said...

That is a really cute picture of you and Payton. YOur little girl is getting big!!

Michelle said...

You are such a great dad Rod!! We love you so much!!

kaybrayshay said...

Happy Fathers Day!!