..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Thursday, July 08, 2004


we went to the evanescence concert, i must be spoiled no media show, just lights and fog.

and the sound sucked for the earlier bands. the Trues sounded like they were in a tin can, or when you have a cold and you can't hear higher ranges.I am supispious of them not having a soundman, and they did theier own levels on stage. but when seether went on stage the appearent cold went away and we could here higher ranges again.

I hate to admit it, I think I went to a bubblegum band concert
(for lack of a better term) you know the type some of you went to NewKidsOnTheBlock, or backstreetboys, or britneyspears.
it was geeky enough that when the hit slow songs were played instead of having lighters, people lifted their blinky cellphones in pride.

mabey I will wait for a band to have at least 2 hit albums out before hand.

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