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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey I found this Very cool Family tree website www.geni.com
Geni - Everyone's Related
it is a social network set but a tree twist.

I add everyone I know in my family, wife, kids, parents grandparents, cousins you get the picture.

II can invite them to Join and they can add what they Have or Know to the tree.

like there spouses names and the spouses relatives. etc....

well now it goes another step and the tree keeps getting bigger and bigger.

some family trees on this site are over 13,000 people already(including deceased)

they don't have merging family trees working yet but they are working on it.
like say we are related to someone in that big tree they get auto-added.
but it is an expected very soon. as I write this my family tree has grown from 88 to 100...crazey.
and I haven't listed beyond grandparents yet.

if your a relative of mine you need to be invited... for now.....

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angie said...

Yeah I agree its really cool, Rod do you know if you can print the whole tree so that the font is still big enough to read?