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Sunday, April 08, 2007

wonderpets coloring pages

I have looked online to for some coloring pages for Payton,
of the show wonderpets. well there isn't any!!! not nickjr.com not noggin.com.
no where. nata. even some site claiming to be aboutwonderpets.com is just a spam site. spaming a child's show!

so I have made a couple of my own. and I am putting them up on my blog, so others can grab them too.
I only have 2 sofar.

tuck and ming ming.


Anonymous said...

I've posted a few more here if you're interested (that I also made myself).

Wonder Pets Coloring pages

Anonymous said...

The colouring pages are wonderful, I have twin girls nearly five and they love the wonder pets and we are always looking in the shops for them and quite right there are no pictures for them to colour. So pleased you can draw them.
Thanks so much

anju said...


Thanx for the wonderpets. My 5-yr old daughter is thrilled. Could you please do the third one also?

rodbot said...

I will try and get around to drawing a few more.

I actually have been practicing drawing Curious George by hand for my girls.

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