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Saturday, January 28, 2006

and now the wait.

being the geek that I am, I am mixing science and food.

this experiment involves picking eggs(or atleast attempting to pickle eggs)

so far within my background study of the subject(about an 1/2hr on google),
I think I have a good idea.
I actually thought pickling involved more salt(lots more salt)!
It a good thing I looked it up first, I hate experiments that
fail badly enough to make it inedible.

lucky for me my last failed experiment with a potroast did hurt anyone.
It was done hrs before I thought it would be, and was really tender.
I mean I can cut it with a spoon tender. so I made stew with it.
well I thought the meat and broth didn't have enough flavor(from the peppercorns).
so i crushed some more up with my motor and pestle (I love that thing).
and added it in.well it was hot, good but wow it was hot. apearently
whole black peppercorns take a long while to soften up.

back to the topic at hand, this type of food prep is unlike the usual type of cooking I do,
if I am making some meal, I get an idea if I am on the wrong track right
away with taste tests. and correct the error and move on.

there is no error checking with pickling. Now all I can do is wait.

heres what I tried.
11 eggs ( I ate one to see if the hard boiling went well)
1 cup of White Vinigar(the Magic ingredient, not salt)
1 cup of water
1 tbs of coarse salt(a small fraction of what I thought)
1 tbs of crushed white peppercorns( I got to use my motor and pestle)
1 small peice of broccoli (I got that from a scottish recipe)
1 small tbs of red chili peppers.

other than the eggs a light covered simmering boil for 20min
to get the flavor out of the peppers.


Miss-buggy said...

how'd it go?

rodbot said...

I have to wait for atleast a week.

I had one yesterday, and sofar so good.

but it definately needs to wait longer.

sueschick said...

eww, I'm not visiting with you guys, aren't there umm repercussions from eating those.