..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

not so extended weekend.

well my weekend went from a 4 day weekend to a 1 day weekend. I worked on Sunday(the week before) so I was suposted to have Friday off. woohoo 4 day weekend. Well the new guy didn't show up and therefore no afternoon shift for me to run(you need a min of 2 people working to run machinery legally). Friday I was supposed to get off early, noo had to finish the prototype for a big meeting on Monday. Worked till 1030pm. Saturday go back to finish the prototype. do not leave until 730am when a sensor failed bigtime and required fixing. and that would be Sunday, 730am. and I work in surrey. therefore I slept Sunday. and missed church.

so on Monday Payton and I woke up and had breakfast I had Special K, she had cheerios. then she saw that I was not eating cheerios as well(Cause I usually do) and it was something new. well she smacked her lips and gave a big smile. well she likes Special K too (with milk). afterwards she was playing with her monkey and would not go down for her first nap(which is usually about an hour after she is gets up).(mom still sleeping). so we played with her little monkey. I swear she can say "monkey", I have heard it many times and if you say "where is the monkey?" she looks and finds it. so she knows the word. so if she says "monkey" before "dad or dada", is something wrong?jj

well you could tell she was getting tired and we were on the couch. she rested her had (ear down) on my chest and promptly fell asleep. well I couldn't move her so I took a nap too.

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