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Monday, October 18, 2004

if I only had $300us to burn...

to put this in perspective
a pen laser you could buy in the store right
is less then 5mw of power. most likely they turned it down to like 3mw.
the lasers at the site below have lasers that are green not red.
which brings the brightness upto 10x, and they are 50mW, 10x again.
thats 100x brighter, not 20.

the red laser you could see on a building about 1 mile away(with good focusing),
the high power green laser over 20 miles away. :)

and yes I will post more baby pics soon, I just haven't got around to puting them online yet


Scott said...

its very sad how interesting i found that... i am a geek...

rodbot said...

That was just the bright one.
I had found a different laser that was handheld for $1800
that could start fires from a great distance.

but it didn't feel right to repost that line.