..."I tell you," Jesus replied, " if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out". LK 19:44

Sunday, September 12, 2004


This morning I woke up with a really bad toothache.
I put up with it for about an hour or 2. but it hurt alot.
so I tried some IB proven at michelles discretion.(more than max I might add to).
it help lots too. also I avoid taking pills for times like these so when I need them they are more effective.

I have a dentist appointment made for thrusday to be the earliest. unless I it is dire. which leads to the thought what is dire or an emergency, it's just really painful. and I have a high pain tolerance. some people whine for hours that their stubbed toe hurts. I can cut my self accidentally and not know how I did it when I see a trail of blood leading to me.

so with that in mind, being that my tooth hurts alot now, I would image people with less pain tolerance would have ran to the dentist or the ER long ago.

so being that was this morning and now it is 1AM I am now using the xtra-strength
tooth Gel stuff saveon had, and it's only working some what and the pills only help somewhat, I might find what i will call dire soon enough.

another thought

every one wants to feel Joy at its fullest, and when it comes to pain what most people think is "where is the tylonal?", now can you truely
feel complete Joy with out knowing it's opposite.


rose said...

ask michelle about pain rod (or for that matter, any woman who has given birth).

rodbot said...

actually I had to force her to go to the hospital.
when she woke up her pain was constant, and sharp.
I made her go and we had a baby less than 3hrs after waking up.
not saying it was any less pain, but she didn't think it was labour and didn't want to go.